Static on recording - how to fix?

Hello, my podcast partner uses Audacity and every time we record it has a static on it, as you can here in this sample. Does anyone have any advice on what is causing this issue please? I know how to remove the static but it would be nice if it wasn’t there to start with.

So there are any number of things that could cause this problem, starting with your recording studio. Which microphone and interface are you using ? How far away from the microphone are you?

There are others on this forum such as @kozikowski who can give you some recording tips.

As a fuzzy rule, we have to build your system in our imaginations to analyze it. Makers and model numbers are good. Pretend I want to go out and buy what you have.

Can we assume you and your partner are in different locations and contact each other somehow to do the show? What kind of show is it? Typically, services such as Meetings, Skype, or Zoom take over the computer they’re being used on, so communicating and recording at the same time don’t go well.

My personal non-popular suggestion is conduct the show on the computer but record each local voice on a separate recorder or the recorder in your phone.

Both Skype and Zoom offer a recording service. Zoom will even supply you with individual sound files of the performance.

All that and I wouldn’t call that static. That’s more hiss or background noise.

How would I listen to the show? Are you working on the first episode?


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