Static On Playback while recording - But not on actual recorded Track

Wondering if there is any way to do this…
When recording my vocals, it matches up with the beat as I have already fixed the latency. However, if I want to hear myself at the same time as I am recording over the music, there is a lag to what I hear… which makes it very difficult to record. I have gone into the Preferences section – under the Device Tab - and changed the Buffer length to 0ms. yet there is still a lag. Please HELP!! If anyone knows how to fix this so there is essentially no lag… you would be a LIFESAVER!!

Thanks in advance to everyone that took the time to read this!

While I am recording and listening to my voice at same time - my voice has this crazy static and even sounds like my voice is lower in pitch. However, when done doing the recording and playing back the track – it sounds fine. Is there a way to fix this so that while I am recording I hear my voice as how the track is recorded and not with all this static?? Thanks in advance!!

I also am having delay while playing back previous track and recording.
Is there a fix?

Don’t use “Software Playthrough”. Ensure that is OFF (not selected) in the Transport menu.
Software Playthrough has an unavoidable delay due to the time it takes for the sound to work it’s way through the system and back out again.

To hear yourself through your headphones while recording requires appropriate hardware - for example a USB audio device with a headphone socket and “zero latency monitoring”.
“Zero latency monitoring” is when the device has an actual physical connection from input to output so that you can monitor the input with no delay.

OK, so I changed my settings as you recommended, and I am using a Shure MV51 USB microphone directly into computer. It has a microphone jack on back of mic, so that is what I am using. Still delay on playback.
Any other ideas?
Really appreciate your help!

Still delay on playback.

[u]Here[/u] are some instructions for measuring latency and adjusting latency compensation.