Static noise/hum and distorted voice

Hi, quite recently i recorded some sound, but there was something wrong with the microphone. Now there is a kind of humming noise, and the voice is distorted, sounding kinda “robotic”.

Does anyone have any tips on how to fix the voice, so it is at least transcribable.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. The voice is in swedish.
P.P.S. I believe the noise MIGHT have resulted from AGC on a camera, not fully connected/broken wire, or a combination of the two.

Oh, and here’s a sample. Sorry!


No. We can’t do forensics. We can’t turn buzzy trash into a recognizable voice.

It sounds like a broken cable. That’s what a voice sounds like when the shield in a microphone cable breaks allowing all the electrical noise in the room to enter. Microphone signals are amazingly tiny and it’s easy to destroy them.

We recommend wearing headphones connected to the camcorder during a capture session so this doesn’t happen again.


I got an emergency call from a production shoot that they were listening to the camcorder and had either no voices or highly distorted ones. I quickly replaced one of the long cable runs and found even a second bad one just as everyone was filing in for the show. I killed two long microphone cables that day, so yes, it does happen and it’s nice to find out ahead of time.


Here’s as good as I could do.