Static (crackles and pops) only while I'm speaking

I am trying to record my voice, and when I do I get static that sounds like crackles and pops only while I speak. When I mute the mic or when I’m not speaking I do not hear it. It usually does not occur in the first 30-60 seconds of a recording, but it always eventually appears. My audio sounds OK but it sounds like there is another layer of someone making Rice Krispies added on.

I am on a MacBook Air running El Capitan version 10.11.6. My microphone is a Fifine K683A. I use a USB A to connect to my computer. My Audacity is 2.1.3.

I have tried multiple strategies, but I don’t know much about audio engineering. The Mic dropdown on Audacity is on the correct microphone. I’ve tried stereo and mono, testing recording levels, output options and I’ve checked off ambient noise reduction in 'Input" in System Preferences. I’ve turned the software and mic on and off, etc.


Well, that’s a tuffy…

It only starts happening after some time…

Shut down Audacity. Unplug the USB microphone.

Start Audacity and make a recording with the Air’s built-in microphone. The microphone on my Air is two little pin pricks to the left of the left-hand Caps-Lock key.

Just speak normally. I think they did that two microphone thing to get directionality. Still do it? No Academy Awards for sound quality, but it should work.