Static Click on Copy & Pasted Track Section

I have imported a .wav file and copied and pasted a section of the track that I want to edit into a new track line. When I play back this section I hear what I can only describe as a “static click” noise that repeats every 4 seconds.

I have closed Audacity and reopened it but the problem still exists when I repeat the process.

Any idea as to how I resolve this?


See if this helps:


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that has not fixed the issue and frustratingly when I perform the same on Windows 7 it doesn’t happen!

I certainly don’t wish to have to jump between Mac and Windows especially after spending a small fortune on the Mac!

Just to add. The version of Audacity on Windows is 2.05 and 2.06 on the Mac.

On the Mac if I perform the copy and paste and put it on the same track I do not hear the clicks. It’s when I put them on a separate underneath the original that the clicks become present.

If I paste the selection and put it into a new window I do not hear the clicks.

So the problem appears to be confined just to when I paste the selection underneath the original track.

Hope more experienced users of Audacity on here can help resolve.


All official releases of Audacity have two dots (periods) in the version number. Please look at Audacity > About Audacity and verify that is what you see.

OK, thanks for the extra detail. From your first description I thought that the section you were pasting was four seconds long and so the clicks were at the section joins.

Are there places in the first track where there is no audio but there is audio in the track underneath? If so this is a known cause of possible playback problems on Mac. MacBook Pro and other portable models that use batteries are especially prone to this issue. Is that the type of Mac you have?

The only question mark about that diagnosis is that the clicks are usually very rapid, not a regular four seconds apart. Are the clicks rapid, but happen in groups that are four seconds long, corresponding to areas where there is no audio in the upper track?

What I would suggest is trying the latest 2.1.0-alpha build from the top of We have a fix in place there for the issue of empty space in multiple tracks. Please let us know if that helps.

If it doesn’t help, is it possible to save a short two-track Audacity project that would demonstrate the issue, and upload it somewhere for us? We would need you to zip up the AUP file and the _data folder for the project. Here are some sites you could upload to:

When on file sharing sites, avoid clicking on advertisements that have download or other buttons.


Apologies for the delay in reply.

To confirm - the version on the Mac is 2.0.6 and PC 2.0.5.

Correct. I shifted the first track along so that I didn’t hear it replaying as I edited the track underneath.

It’s a double click - “click-click” and occurs every 4 seconds along the whole of the track line regardless of whether there is audio.

I have download this and the problem has been resolved. Is it OK to continue using this version as I deleted the previous one?

Many thanks for all your help.

The version you have is best described as a “close to release-ready alpha”. There are some bugs yet to be fixed that may not affect you, and if you are on Yosemite there may be some unknown bugs you will come across.

However 2.1.0-alpha should not be highly prone to crashing.

If you do have new issues please start a new topic and state what version of OS X you have.