Static click in the beginning of the recording

Hey there,
so I am having a problem with recording. As I record new track my mic do record a static click in the beginning of the soundwave. It is like the microphone is not on all the time, and when I press record it switch on and make the annoying click.
I use Win10, Audacity 2.2.2 and as mic Auna MIC900-b connected via USB. I can delete that click manualy, but that consumes a lot of time in the 2hr mix with cca 100tracks. For better pressentation I add a pic.
So my question is, is there a problem with microphone or my config? Is there a possibility to check/uncheck something in the configuration to stop this issue?

thanks for any help
statika audacity.jpg

Most likely the microphone, or to be more precise, in the analog to digital converter.

This is an extremely common issue with inexpensive A/D converters, and it occurs because the input to the A/D converter is “floating” until it starts converting audio to digital. If you zoom in closely on that click, you will see that the waveform starts not at zero, but displaced vertically. After a short period of time the average amplitude (vertical position) becomes centred vertically.

In some cases there is an option for the device in the Windows Sound Control Panel to enabled / disable “DC Offset correction” (may be named slightly different). Turning this off, and using the DC offset correction in Audacity’s “Normalize” effect ‘may’ reduce the click in future recordings. It’s quite likely that won’t help, in which case you are left with either trimming the start, or applying a short fade-in each time.

One other thing you could try: Very occasionally I have seen improvements to the issue by changing the “host” setting in Audacity’s device toolbar. Try all options and see which work best. Some options may not work at all, so make a note of your current, working setting before you change anything.