Static bursts in output from 2.1.0?

Twice now in the past few days I was going back over a track that I had exported in Audacity 2.1.0 (under Win 7) and found this weird static burst had been inserted near the start of the file. it’s just under a second long (~42K samples, if that’s at all meaningful). My workflow hasn’t changed since upgrading to the new version and I have never had this happen before.

Anyone else getting this? Screenshot attached of what I found once I opened my outputted file.
2015-04-16 audacity static.jpg

Please describe what format you are exporting to.

Exporting only exports the audio that is there, apart from adding very quiet dither noise in some circumstances.

Are you sure that noise was not in a track you could not see when you exported the file? Or was the
audio a recording you did not check before you exported it?

It may help to attach a sample in WAV of the intended audio and the noise. Please see here for how to attach files:


I was exporting from wav to wav (16/44.1 at each end). The noise-bursts were definitely not in the source, as once I found them, I went back to check (and re-export).

In both cases it was for something that I needed right away, and I didn’t bother keeping the file with the damaged output. The noise came about 15 seconds in in each case.

If it happens again, I will keep before-and-after audio.

Some time later, this has happened to me again, a sudden burst of white noise/static after outputting a wav. This time, the source (and output) were 24/48 wavs. (I output the samples to 16 bit for attachment-size considerations.)

I have attached the burst of static, and the same passage of music from the source wav. The white noise is definitely not in the source.

Scroll down in the project and make sure there are no unintended white noise tracks there.

I know that may not be the answer you wanted, but Audacity supplied by us does not do that. And if it did, we could not fix it unless we knew how to reproduce it.

This is the address to get Audacity from


With respect, I believe the technical term for this is “a bug”. Audacity is doing this (though thankfully very infrequently). At no point when this has happened has the source project had more than a single stereo track.

With equal respect, I repeat that if it was an Audacity bug we cannot fix it when we don’t know how to reproduce the problem. If you can show us exactly how to reproduce the problem, we will be very grateful and will definitely try to fix it.

I exported your “before” file to 48000 Hz 24-bit PCM WAV using “Other uncompressed files” and did not receive a corrupted export. Please tell us exactly what format you are choosing for export and how you select that format.

Also please confirm you obtained Audacity from

If you import that “Etiquette - static (original passage).wav” into Audacity 2.1.0 supplied by us, then export it repeatedly, how often does the corruption occur? Or does that WAV file come from an Audacity project where you had been cutting and pasting short pieces the length of your noise bursts? Something like that is the only likely explanation I can see of an Audacity bug, but if so I would expect it to be repeatable.

Given no-one else has reported this, could it be some problem with the drive you are writing to? Have you done a SMART check on the drive and checked the drive for errors (right-click the drive, Properties, click “Tools”)?

Are you running games or other CPU-intensive processes when the export is corrupted?