Static and echo when adding a track to an AUP

Hi friends. I know this is a common topic but the fixes I’ve read don’t work for me. I have 2.2.2 for windows 10 and I’m adding vocals to a backing track I’ve made. When I play the back track It’s fine. When I add a blank stereo track and click to record my vocal, the back track has an echo and loud static. Funnily if I record anyway over the static and echo and play back all is fine. If I record without a back track playing it’s fine. Under preferences>recording>playthrough, Other tracks… is checked and software playhrough… is unchecked. I don’t seem to have an I/O section. I am not monitoring the microphone The funny thing is it initially worked and this began suddenly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app in case it was a plugin I added, and the problem persists. Thanks very much for your help. David Calder

What is echoing? Is it the original track, or the new thing that you are recording? Does it stutter?

It’s the original track Steve.

No it’s not stuttering, just sounds like it’s way down the end of a tunnel with an echo, and a lot of intermittent crackling.

I read through that three times. How are you listening to the backing track?

If you have a microphone, you need to be on headphones and you need to Not be listening to the computer. You should be listening to the microphone or the preamp or the interface depending on what you have.

You should also be recording the microphone system, not a fake device or service. This one’s a little wacky. You can record shows from the internet by creating a fake device that folds the computer sound onto itself so that the record and playback cross.

You have to turn all that off to get clean Overdubbing to work.