Startup Problems with Audacity 2.3.0 on 10.12.6

Hi Folks,

Just installed Audacity 2.3.0 on OS X 10.12.6. I’m having problems with a couple of plug-ins on startup.

Firstly, I’m getting a problem with DTMF Tones:

DTMF Tones: Could not load settings below.
Default settings will be used.


That’s not such a problem however I’m then getting:

Effect Failed to Initialize

Attempting to initialize the following effect failed:
2S Vocal Remover
More information may be available in Help->Show Log

Every time I click OK in the error dialog the window returns - looks like it’s stuck in a loop.

I can try removing the offending plug-in as I don’t use it much, however I thought that the issue might point to a deeper problem.



DTMF Tones was originally a plug-in (many years ago), and is now a built-in effect (See:
Are you referring to the plug-in version, or the built-in version?

There have been a few different versions of “Vocal Remover” over the years. Do you have more than one version installed?

Further to the problems I described above, I thought I’d try uninstalling 2CVocalRemover but I couldn’t find it! I’m pretty sure I uninstalled it a while ago. Not sure why Audacity would be trying to load it?

To try and fix the problem I tried re-installing 2CVocalRemover and it seems to have fixed the problem, however I’m now having problems with a few other plug-ins, in particular, those from Airwindows and TAL. This time, after acknowledging all the errors, Audacity quits.



The plug-in that was initially causing the problem was 2SVocalRemover - it’s available here

I’m a long-time Audacity and I usually keep the previous version installed just in case there’s problems with the latest version. At the moment I have 2.2.2 installed and it’s working fine.

It sounds like Audacity is being confused by references to old plug-ins in its settings files. Try resetting the Audacity preferences.
To do that, find the folder:
~/Library/Application Support/audacity/
(where “~/” means your home folder)
When you get the correct folder you will see several files and folders including:

Ensure that Audacity is completely closed (not running in the background), and delete those three files.
When you restart Audacity, it will be reset to its factory defaults.

Alternatively, you can create a “Portable Settings” folder for each version of Audacity (see:

What about plugins.cfg? Should that be deleted too?

That’s not a standard configuration file for Audacity, though it could perhaps be from a really old version of Audacity :confused:
Please attach the file to your reply so I can take a look (see here for how to attach a file to a forum post:

Here’s the file.
plugins.cfg.txt (12.4 KB)

Removing the three files has fixed the problem. 2.3.0 appears to be running properly now.

Thanks for the help!



I think that’s a very old configuration file (possibly from the Audacity 1.3.x series?)

Excellent :smiley: