Startup Problem Audacity 2.1.1 Windows 10

The application does not start at all on my pc running a newly upgraded Windows 10 installation. The only thing I see is the white Audacity icon in the middle showing up, but the application itself is not starting, instead it keeps on not responding. I tried resetting the preferences, run the application in compability mode and reinstalling it, but nothing has been working on so far. May this be a bug? Are there any solutions? In case, let me know

Kind Regards Brian

newly upgraded Windows 10

Did it work on the old Win7 or whatever the old one was?


Have you updated all your connected audio devices to Windows 10 drivers? See If you have an old external audio device connected, try disconnecting it and see if Audacity launches.

Other possible causes are a plugin you added in the last Audacity session, or interference by an anti-virus app. See