starting the program from a directory

i want to be able to right click on a music file name and where it says “open with” be able to select Audacity. I used to be able to do this (Windows 7) but now i can’t, even if i choose browse and find the .exe file. it just does not want to add that to the available programs. i did change my account settings but i am still an administrator even though i get a user account control alert when i try to use certain programs. What do i need to do to have audacity added to the list of programs eligible to open music files (such as .mp3, .wav, .ogg)?

This usually happens because you still have Audacity 1.3 Beta installed on your computer. Windows does not support having two executables named the same having the same file association.

Uninstall or remove 1.3 or whatever earlier Audacity versions you have, unless you really need them (though this will not solve the “Open with” problem). To solve it, rename audacity.exe to something else, for example to “audacity 2.exe” (without quotes), or download CCleaner and run its registry cleaner.