starting from scratch

I am a photojournalist by training, but wanting to be able to produce some slideshows with audio. To start off I don’t want to do anything to complicated, but would like to know how to use audacity to: A) Seamlessly combine multiple audio recordings, B) Edit out unwanted audio from within an audio recording.

Basically I need the most basic of editing methods. I am neither a computer ace or a dunce, but have no experience when it comes to editing sound. Is there any type of publication on the web that gives at least a brief description of what each tool in audacity does?

Thank you so much for your time.

Lucas Underwood

This page links to a huge amount of documentation:

Note in particular:
An overview of how Audacity handles files - ESSENTIAL READING :wink:

Various useful tips:

Audacity 1.2 manual:

Audacity 1.3/1.4 manual (not quite complete yet):

Audacity wiki: