starting audacity on multiple files?

I would like to start Audacity and give it a list of audio files.

Currently, it ignores every file after the first.

Or, if I start it multiple times, it gives me a new window for each file.

Let’s say I have a lot of audio files - let’s say I’ve got them on a web server or out somewhere like that, and I want to work on a few of them in Audacity. What is the best way (least wasted motion) to bring them into Audacity? I thought I could just download them and start audacity with their names on the command line, but that does not work if I want to deal with more than one file.

If the answer is that I will have to modify Audacity, can someone point me at build instructions using visual studio express? Or do I have to buy a copy of visual studio to do this? (I let my old license expire because I was not using it enough.)

p.s. audacity 2.0.5, windows 7, and the exe installer.

You can do that by giving Audacity a “lof” file (List Of Files)

Note that when giving Audacity a file name that includes spaces, the file name must be quoted.

Perfect, thank you.

To be clear for others reading this, it does work at the command-line, but it opens a new project window for each file, for example:

C:Program Files (x86)Audacity>audacity.exe "S:Church song.wav" D:2334.ogg

The quotes are required if the file name has a space.