Started skipping

I am having the same problem. The program has worked great for months and only now decided to start skipping. I have done nothing different. I downloaded Lame 2 months ago and never had any problems until now. I uninstalled the program today and reinstalled and it is still skipping. I can’t figure it out.

It is a bad idea to jump on someone else’s topic and say you have the “same problem” then give us no information about exactly what you are doing, and no information about your version of Audacity or your operating system.

So please start with the information from the pink panel at the top of the page. What version of Audacity (all three numbers) and what version of Windows, Mac or Linux?

Then tell us what you are doing. Are you trying to play a WAV or MP3 you imported? Or are you recording something, if so what are you recording and what equipment are you using to do that. Give us makes and model numbers of that equipment.