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I purchased the cassette capture and have upgraded to the latest version of software. However the documentation with the device advises to select the following from Edit/Preferences:
Playback Devices: Realtek HD Audio output
Recording Devices: USB Audio Device
but the only options I have are below:
Playback: Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output
Speakers (Realtek High Defini
Headset Earphone (GN9350)
Recording: Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
Microphon Array (USB PnP Audio
Speakers (Realtek High Defini
Headset Earphone (GN9350)

Also the instructions say to select “Software Play through …” but after upgrading this option no longer appears.
what do I select?

Also the instructions say to select “Software Play through …” but after upgrading this option no longer appears.

Software Playthrough and Hardware Playthrough appear on Macs. The Windows version only has “Playthrough.” When Playthrough is selected it allows Audacity to record the show from the tape player and also turn the sound around to the speakers or headphones so you can hear it. If you didn’t click that option, would still get a good recording, the red sound meter would bounce and the blue waves would appear, but you wouldn’t be able to hear what you’re doing. After you finished the recording you could hear the Audacity show.

As far as locating the right recording device, I need to leave that up to the Windows elves.


Correction: The Windows version of Audacity does not have an option for “hardware playthrough”. it does have an option for “software playthrough” and it is located near the bottom of the Transport menu.

If that option is not present, check that the cassette player is connected properly, then check in the Windows Sound Control Panel to ensure that Windows has detected the USB device and that it is enabled. If the USB device is detected by Windows then it should be available in Audacity.

However, the device should be connected (and recognised by Windows) before you open Audacity, otherwise Audacity will not be able to see it.
If you connected the device after starting Audacity you can tell Audacity to “rescan the audio devices” (bottom of the Transport menu).

The Windows version shows plain “Playthrough” in the Preferences>Recording dialog

Bu the Tracks drop-down menu (the easier place to set/unset it) it shows as “Software Playthrough (on/off)”




in the manual (which is always based on Windows-7 displays (unless explicitly stated otherwise).


Set the output to “Speakers (Realtek High Defini”

and the input to “Microphon Array (USB PnP Audio”

when using generic Microsoft USB device drivers the USB input will often show up as a “USB microphone”

If that does not work you may need to get updated device drives for your device from the manufacturer.

I assume the the “documention” that you refer to is that which came from the manufacturer with the device. You will be much better off using the Audacity Manual as we have found that many hardware manufacturers have incorrect documentation on the use of Audacity.

See this set of tutorials:

particularly this one:


As waxcylinder suggested, the “Microphon Array (USB PnP Audio” option may be the cassette player. It’s difficult to be sure as the device name that is reported by the computer depends on what drivers are being used for the device. Some laptop computers have built-in “microphone arrays” (multiple microphones) that may be reported by Windows as something like “Microphone Array (USB PnP Audio)”.

Probably the best way to check exactly what your USB cassette is called by Windows is:

  1. Reboot your computer with the cassette NOT connected.
  2. Look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and see what (if any) USB devices are available.
  3. Close the control panel.
  4. Connect the cassette via USB and wait a few moments for Windows to detect it.
  5. Re-open the Windows Sound Control Panel and look for a new USB device that was not there before. That will be the cassette player.