Start second track at a precise time

Hello. I have created tracks from two different recordings of conversations in a crowded room. I know the precise clock time each recording started, the first at 9:59:24 and the second at 13:30:59. I want to align these two tracks with respect to clock time, i.e. start the second one 3:31:35 after the start of the first. I know I can move the second using the time shift tool, but I’m finding it hard to get it to the exact spot. Is there a way to input the precise start time of the second track? I can’t seem to find any menu item that allows this.

You could cheat. Generate > Silence at the beginning of the track you want delayed. You can define the length of the silence.


  1. Enter the start time in the Selection Toolbar Audacity Manual
  2. Click on the track that you want to move so that it is selected (you do not need to select all of the audio, just ensure that the track information panel on the left end of the track is highlighted in darker grey).
  3. “Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Start to Cursor/Selection start”