Start recording while NOT in audacity window?

I wanted to have Audacity record in the background while I play games and record with Nvidia shadowplay. However, I assigned a hotkey to record, but apparently it only works while the Audacity window is in focus in windows. Is there a way to record with a keystroke like CTRL+F10 or something like that, which will start the recording without the Audacity window having to be in focus? Whether it be a native method or relying on plug-ins.

On a complete unrelated note:
Sorry for the double topic post that will evidently happen, I see that topic creation goes into a queue for submission where it has to be reviewed. I fixed my previous issue on my own, but as the topic has not yet been approved, I can’t seem to delete it.

I think Audacity still needs focus in order to do anything. There’s a lot of people who want command-line actions and I’m pretty sure we can’t do that very well, either. Someone will correct me.


If you post enough times, the system will get used to you and let you in automatically. Until then, we have to make sure you’re not trying to sell us storm windows or male-enhancing drugs,


No it’s a feature request which can’t be implemented until we update the GUI toolkit we use, which means substantial recoding of Audacity.

I’ll record your vote for this idea, though.