Start Recording when Alone

Our drummer in recording drums in another city and has found it cumbersome to start recording from the computer and scamper over to the drumkit to record.
Is there any notions of adding a footswitch to a com port or something for musicians that spend there recording time running around the studio like that.
I would say I’m not alone on this one.

Have you heard anything in the making here or is there something already available?

Please advise.


How about a very long extension lead for the mouse, and a pair of binoculars? :smiley:

Seriously, though, why not just start recording and take your time getting to the drumkit? You can record everything, footsteps, chair scraping on the floor, knocking over the high-hat etc., do several takes, and then cut out what you don’t want afterwards.


Or a wireless keyboard.

– Bill

The solution I use is a bit pricey but works–I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to vocally control almost every aspect of computing and I use a wireless headset. I can be over 200 feet away in a different building (if computer and Dragon are running and my batteries are charged) and start Audacity (say “start audacity” – Dragon buit-in ability), create a Mono track (say “create mono track” – Dragon script I wrote which just does a <CTRL+SHIFT+N>) wait as long as I like then say “begin audacity recording” (Dragon script I wrote which stops Dragon listening for commands except “Wake Up” then starts Audacity recording.

Personally, I would agree with the “Start recording and let it roll–edit out the trash later” idea!

Yes, they all make sense.
It has been funny listening to the beginning and the end of the drums tracks as he reaches for the computer.


Nobody has the concept of “Post Production.” Start the recorder, sing the song, stop the recorder and sell 2.5 million copies on iTunes.

Can you hurry it up? My parking meter is going to run out.

If you could do that, I’d be selling apples. I can’t sell oranges. Everybody already has them in their back yards…

I sometimes record a company-wide meeting (on Audacity, of course) and the person who transcribes each meeting admitted they really enjoyed the accidental conversations before and after the meeting.