Start playing tracks on a second project...

Hello all,

With an older version of Audacity, while, say, I was playing tracks on Project 1, I could click the play button on Project 2. This would automatically stop Project 1 from playing, and let me continue on Project 2.

I cannot do that with version 2.4.2. I looked at settings to see if there is an option I need to choose, did not spot any.

Any ideas?



No sorry, that’s just the way it is now.

We changed it several releases ago so that the Transport controls in Project-2 could not affect Playing (or Recording) in an active Project-1. It’s particularly egregious if an important unrepeatable recording gets interrupted in this way.



You are right, there is the danger of interrupting a critical recording project if the other project can stop it.

However, it could be made an option. Default would be not to be able to let the second project control the recording/playing.