Start of words cut off

I am a new user of Audacity and find that when I record a voice track, after a pause the next word will be clipped off at the front. How can I change settings, or make other adjustments to stop that?

And - the voice files record as wav. Can I record them as MP3?

Thank you.

Audacity records to its own high-quality internal format, but you can Export your show as WAV naturally and with the addition of the Lame software, also export to MP3.

You are warned that MP3 is an end product. Once you make an MP3, you can’t do anything else with it except listen. If you want to do production, filtering, effects or editing, stick with WAV (or an Audacity Project) until you get to the final show.

after a pause the next word will be clipped off

Do you have Sound Activated Recording turned on?
Transport > Sound Activated Recording.

Maybe your Sound Activation Level is set wrong.


Thanks so much for the tip on how to prevent the clipping of the opening of some words. I actually turned the Sound Activated Recording feature off, and that seems to have helped. Would it be better to re-activate it and turn the level right down, or should I just stay with what works? Once again, thank you for the help.

Probably best to leave Sound Activated Recording off (disabled).