Start my project at 1xhour in the time line

I woukd like to start my project at the 1 hour mark to have it look similar to what my time code lols like if Audacity could read TC and i would like the start and stop to always strat and stop at the one hour mark.

Set the cursor
position to 1 hour in the Selection toolbar and then press Record:


This is for imported files. But do i hit record in that spot then import muisc files ? Will they go to that point?

Sorry, no this does not worl for imported files.

But you can always drag the iported file along to the right so taht it starts at one hour by clicking&draging on the clip-handle drag-bar at the to of the clip.

For greater accuracy you could set a label at the one-hour mark in a label track - and then you will get the yellow snap guide for accurate alignment when you time shift the track/clip.


Hello thanks for responding. I figured out the label use. Its great.

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True. I understand and like this ideal. I hope there are more options coming in. The label does give me a consistent start point.

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