Start a *.aup file with exact position (textlabel)?

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I have a question :slight_smile:

Can Audacity a file ( *.aup ) start and at the same time to one particular playback - jumping position (textlabel) ?

Even as example this text marks the file Textfile.aup:

36.667960 - 67.263518 Textlabel#1
145.737623 - 177.150620 Textlabel#2

Start the file [ Textfile.aup ] and at the same time jump to the bookmark position with [ 145.737623 ] thats textlabel#2?

Cases yes , how would have to the syntax to then look like?
[ Textfile.aup ] & [ 145.737623 ] ???

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Gruss Jürgen

The cursor or selection position in a project is saved in the AUP project file, not in the label file.

A change in cursor position is not saved on close, unless there is an unsaved edit that makes the project “dirty” (makes it prompt you to “Save changes?” when you close).

For example, if you close the project after creating a label (by placing the cursor and CTRL + B or CTRL + M, or by clicking and typing in the focused label track), you will be prompted to save. If you save, the cursor will be at that label position when you reopen the project.

If you create a label, delete some audio somewhere else, Save Project, click at the first label then Close, then when you reopen the project the cursor will be where you deleted the audio, not in the label.

Similarly if you open a project in which the cursor was saved at the first label, click at the position of the second label, then close the project, the project will still reopen with the cursor at the first label.


Hello Gale,

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I apologize for my bad english equal, but hope to express myself again better:


I have a project that contains several text labels.
All text label positions were previously exported and the position “start” and “end” are known as position number.

So that I not must search and play for Textlabels manual in this project, I would like to jump already from the commencement to the beginning of the text labels position.
So I do not open the audacity-Projekt by launched program, I do it by via a command-line commando.

How I could start the project now, to go immediately for example to the yellow marked spot?
Another time starting, I would jump to a different point of textlabelof the project.

Example for starting the Projekt from a Command-Line:
C:\Programm Files (x86)\Audacity\audacity.exe\Textfile.aup.… ------> and now, who I can connected a Textlabel-position, for example ‘145.737623’ ???

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Please see my previous reply. There is no command-line argument to open a project at a cursor position other than it is saved at. Decide where you would like to reopen the project at the time you close it, and ensure the project is “dirty” at that point so that the change of cursor or selection is saved.


If you have a project with a very large number of labels, it can sometimes be easier to find a label using the Label Editor ( Click on the label in the editor to move the cursor to that label position.

Or if you are zoomed in, use DOWN arrow to move the yellow focus border into the label track, then TAB forwards through the labels or SHIFT + TAB to move backwards through the labels. This will move the view position to the label tabbed into, whereas Labels Editor does not move the view position to the selected label.


Thanks a lot for your replay!
I think, you mean the way, like I do this here in my short video —>

That is a possibility with which the can be solved well. Unfortunately, it has 3 Disadvantages:
a) you can not see the audio track
b) I can not search for text labels
c) I have some many text labels that the space between themselves within the field of view is not enough. Then disappear the last text labels and can not be achieved. The track window is not expandable downward.

Thanks a lot for your replay!
I think, you mean the way, like I do this here in my short video —>

I have also this possibility in use. This is also very good, but also has also 3 disadvantages:
a) Unfortunately, the text editor has no shortcut
b) I can not search for text labels in the list
c) I can not play the selected audio without the editor must be closed complete

I checked here already because of this problem. My contribution is to be found at this location:

I had then published a screenshot:

But it would be enough if to mark the text labels you could play with the software regular “Play button” the selected Audio section and not always have to close the complete editor.
If that is too difficult to implement, a shortcut for the “text editor” would be least helpful!

Thanks and regards,

You can use TAB to navigate labels whether you are zoomed in, zoomed out or at normal zoom. You do not have to zoom out until you can no longer see the audio track.

I was just making the point that are if you are zoomed in so you can only see one label, then use Labels Editor to select another label, Audacity will not move the view position to the label you selected in the editor.

You can add a shortcut using Keyboard Preferences.

Yes thank you for your suggestions. Your suggestions have already been noted.


Thats a great Help! Thank you!

Thank you that my idea was noted. I would be very happy to get this implemented .
Because I have to edit often more than 100 text labels and check in an audiotrack .
And so would this feature enriching !

Thanks a lot to Gale & Steve!

Best regards from Germany,