Standard intro and exit recording different bodies

I have a standard intro and exit that I’d like to use for several different recordings with different bodies of information between - can I record the intro and exit one time each and then record the differing bodies of information as needed?

Yes, absolutely.
There are several ways to accomplish this. The way I would do it is:

  1. Record the intro.
  2. Export the intro as a WAV file.
  3. Record the outro.
  4. Export the outro as a WAV file.

Now, any time that you want to use them:
a) Make your recording
b) Edit / trim the recording as necessary.
c) Import the “intro.wav” and “outro.wav” files. They will appear on new tracks.
d) Use the Time Shift tool to slide left/right the tracks so that they play in sequence. You can even have them overlapping a bit and apply fades to the ends so that they seamlessly crossfade from one to another.

Another way is to save the intro and outro as an Audacity project, then open the project when you want to record.


Thank You! I’ll try and use both suggestions.