standard add 1 second silence to each new mp3

Who can help me?
I want every new mp3 having standard one second silence before sound starts.

No, but maybe not for the reason you think. MP3 files make terrible production elements because they don’t have fixed gaps before the music. People get burned with this all the time when they try to make a seamless loop.

You can try it with Chains which is the Audacity version of Batch.


I do not understand. I’m afraid it’s to complicated for me.
The only method I know is to uncheck and after recording remove the unwanted silence at the beginning of the recording.
I’m curious if there’s a more simple method.

[puzzled look]

The top posting says you want us to put one second of silence into your music. The response says you want us to take extra silence out.


Audacity has Analyze > Silence Finder and Analyze > Sound Finder.


Maybe I wasn’t clear.
I wonder if there is a recording-setting with which I always have 1 second of silence before the music starts.

Only by starting the recording one second earlier.