Stalls in Audio and "Checkpointing" In Latest Version of Audacity? AIFF Format?

I had my two computers worked on and i had to re-install Audacity. I’m actually excited about some of the new features -But, I thought I’d be able to just do things as usual. Now, I’m running into audio stalls about every 2 seconds or so, AND, something called “checkpointing” now after I close a project?? -Takes about a minute for my project to close while it’s “checkpointing” -Can anyone tell me what’s going on with that??

Another thing is that when I “Export Multiple” it’s exporting my files as AIFF files?? Darnit… My stuff is ALL jacked up. now…

On Windows 10, by the way, if that makes any difference -Same Windows config as when i was running the last version of Audacity.


That may be the root of the problem. There have been changes in recent versions of Audacity that break compatibility with older preference settings. I’d suggest that you try resetting preferences to their defaults. A good way to do that is to reinstall Audacity and enable the option “Reset Preferences” when it appears during the installation. On first run you will be asked to confirm that you want to reset preferences - do confirm.

Some notes about the other issues in case they still occur after resetting preferences…

In the Export Multiple dialog there are options to select the format that you require. The default format on Windows is 16-bit WAV.

The Audacity project format has changed. On closing a project, Audacity has to do some house cleaning to remove temporary data that is no longer required, and consolidate the stored state of the AUP3 file. Yes projects may be slower to close, especially if they are very large projects or have a lot of changes, but on the plus side they should open faster than the old format.
More information here:

Please start a new topic about that and provide more detail (if it still occurs after resetting preferences).

Hmm… Okay, that’s a lot.

Thanks, Steve.

Still occurring after re-install and resetting preferences.

Will start new topic. Thanks Steve.