Stadium USBMIC1

Hi all, new to all this. I’ve just bought a Stadium USBMIC1. The reviews seemed to say it was a good mic considering it’s at the lower end but will give good enough quality for a beginner. I’ve plugged it in but when I play it back I can barely hear it. I have to literally talk up against it the entire time to get any kind of volume.Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

It’s a directional microphone and it appears to be a side-address directional mic. Make sure you are talking into the front side (not into the end or the back-side).

If that’s not the problem you may need to use the Windows Microphone Boost (page 10 of the microphone’s [u]user manual[/u]).

Yes it does look like a side-addressed mic (talk into the “front” not the “end” of the mic), but I can find very few details about this mic. It could just be a cheap computer mic in a big case.

I found one video on YouTube and the mic is being used as an “end addressed” mic (and the sound is low level, poor quality, and very sensitive to distance - though perhaps that’s more to do with how it is being used).