SSL Connex

HI all,
I’ve installed the SSL ASIO component and Windows has no problem seeing the hardware however in Audacity I can only see the SSL Connex as a two channel device - not six - does anyone here have any experience of setting up the Connex in Audacity ?
If so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers all.

Audacity doesn’t come with ASIO support because they don’t pay for a license.

If you are programmer you can compile it with ASIO support for your own personal use. [u]ASIO and Audacity[/u]

Also see [u]Multi-Channel Recording in Audacity[/u].

But you may need a full [u]DAW application[/u]. They are designed from the ground-up for multi-track recording, editing, and mixing.

Many thanks for the clarity and the comprehensive response.
Much appreciated.