Squeaky Noise

Hi guys,

I am not sure if this is the right place in forum to post this but i am sure admins will move it if necessary.

I wanted to edit one audio file and I am quite unsure how I can fix the problem in my audio, I will add as an attachment small part of it and if any of you guys can give me any tips on how I can remove the clicking at the end of the voice, its quite noticeable… Thank you!

Where did that audio come from?
Is the “clicking” in the original?

Are you referring to the sound at 0.887 seconds?

  1. Audio is from an old VHS transfer (childhood cartoon)
  2. Clicking is probably not in the original but this is the best audio quality I could get from VHS transfer
  3. Yes it is right after the female voice line (not sure how you call it)

Thank you for the reply!

Look like the consequence of skipping: a little piece is absent.
Audacity’s spectral editing tools can lessen the click, but can’t replace the missing part.


Hi guys, thanks for all the help. I managed to fix and correct the audio using some tools. It totally removed the squeaky noise!