Splitting up a large file

I’ve got a 2 hr long file that I need to split up into about 20 different songs, having some trouble figuring out how to go about it. What term does Audacity use for what people call “tracks” on a CD? Any advice will be very much appreciated, trying to get these separated to turn a couple in to a music festival website by midnight tomorrow.


Sometimes the response has to wait for an earth rotation before we get to it.

The 10,000 foot view is to put a label at the front of each song that you want separated. Then File > Export Multiple and Audacity will create individual music files from the location of each label.

This is the overall Document:


… and this is is the splitter-upper document.



I’m not sure that we have such a term as there is no entity of a “song” or whatever in Audacity - just regions of tracks (and in Audacity “track” does have a specific meaning - see: Audacity Manual) that can be used to export individual audio files, normally “songs”.

They aren’t always “songs” though, for example say, the second movement of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, or chapter 2 of a recorded audiobook etc. So in the documentation we tend to refer to them as “audio files” - but of course they are not “audio files” until they are actually exported from Audacity. As a documenter and forum elf I struggle with this :confused: