Splitting stereo tracks

This is a new question; I cannot figure out how to enter a brand new post. I have Audacity 2.06 via the .exe installer on Windows 7. I have been recording with the following settings: Windows Direct Sound, Primary Sound Driver, Primary Sound Capture Driver, Stereo setting. I have a recording of two separate parts of a telephone interview. The first part shows in the top track, and the second conversation in the bottom track. I have not exported them yet. When I hit “play,” both conversations play simultaneously and it is impossible to hear them separately. Is it possible to separate the two tracks for export, so that each conversation has its own file?

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You will first need to split the stereo track to 2 mono tracks.
Then, using “Export Multiple” you can export each track as a separate file.

See here for how to split stereo tracks: Audacity Manual

See here for how to export separate tracks as separate files: Audacity Manual