Splitting parts of mono track into stereo


I’m searching the way to split a mono track into stereo but in the specific way that is: first 100ms of the input track is moved into right channel, next 100ms is moved into left channel, next 100ms into right and so on… Is it possible to do this using Nyquist. Any help will be appreciated.

Most of the task can be done in Nyquist, but you will need to make your initial mono track into a 2 channel track first.
To do that:

  1. Select the track
  2. “Edit menu > Duplicate (Ctrl + D)”
  3. From the context menu of the upper track, join the two tracks to create a 2 channel stereo track (see: Splitting and Joining Stereo Tracks - Audacity Manual)

I’ll write back soon with some tips re. the necessary Nyquist code.

Does that mean the sound is only ever playing in one ear ? …

Then Robert J.H’s chopper code will do, (it has a cross-fade option too).

Try this in the Nyquist Prompt effect:

(setf pulse 100) ;pulse length in ms

(setf pulse (/ 500.0 pulse))
(if (arrayp *track*)
    (let ((env (osc-pulse pulse 0))
      (setf mod (mult 0.5 (sum 1 env)))
      (setf inv-mod (mult -0.5 (sum -1 env)))
        (mult mod (aref *track* 0))
        (mult inv-mod (aref *track* 1))))
    "Error\nStereo track required.")

Thank you steve and Trebor. Finally I decided to use the Stereo Butterfly (LFO) plug-in becouse I was able to soften channel changes.