Splitting long files.

Hi All,

I listen to Audiobooks all the time whilst driving. One problem that I have is some books come as a single file, often up to a GB in size and lasts for 10+ hours. I’ll get half way through a book and then i’ll press the wrong button on the stereo and it will lose its place. I then have to spend 30 minutes fast forwarding from the start to find the place where I was.

Many moons ago I used some software to split the larger files up but I encountered two problems.

  1. If I did it by time, it would cut in to words and that word would essentially be lossed.
  2. If I did it by pauses in the audio, I found I was losing a second of se either side of the cut so again, losing words.

Anyone know how I can use Audacity to split the files with no loss of sound where the cut is made?

I’m windows 10 using Audacity 2.1.3


Generate 5-10 seconds of silence in the space where you want to make the cut and cut it right in the center. Audacity likes a little silent runway at the beginning and end of files. How long were the sections you were cutting and how much time/many words did you lose?

Waveformer N.
Version 2.2.2

Apologies if this posts twice. The first time I posted it either didnt work or I cant see it for some reason.

OK. The first time I tried splitting files I did it on a set 5 minutes break, but that ment cutting in to words. Second time I tried to use the break at silence function but that still cut in to words. I found an option to look for different lengths of break, 3 seconds didnt work, still missing words. 5 seconds created files that were too big.

I would lose part of the first or last word either side of the break.

I#m looking for an automatic option rather than a manual one as manual is so time consuming.