Splitting into 10min tracks/tracks not operating in vehicle

From what i gathered to break recording into tracks you select area (i chose 10min) and label that area, and continue throughout recording, then export as multiple.

This worked if playing on a computer but tracks did not operate properly when played in a vehicle (I tried multiple vehicles)

What could be done to resolve this issue?

Are you saying that they don’t play in the right order?

And are you exporting these to a USB stick 0 or burning to a CD for in-vehicle use?


These are live recordings from soundboard directly into computer, and saved into files. From there I am putting to a CD to be played in vehicles/CD players etc.

They are roughly 1hr audio recordings, and my goal was to have it split into 10 min sections/tracks, to make it easier to get to a certain section if audio was restarted.

In a vehicle all the tracks show up, but if you select/skip to anything other than track 1 it will not play that track.

In one vehicle it didn’t play sound at all when switched to next track (but if you held down fast forward while in 1st track, it would let you fast forward into the next track and continue playing, but would not let you skip from track to track)

When using media player on computer all tracks work perfectly, but in vehicles it has this issue.

If you are burning an audio CD it depends on your burning application. If your burning application supports Cue Sheets you can create a cue sheet to set the track markers and you can have one-long live file and put the track markers wherever you want.

If you are burning “computer files” (WAV, MP3, etc.) onto the disc, each track has to be a separate file, tagged with track the number. (Audacity can do that but generally I use MP3Tag.)

Ok, thanks for that information, That will be the next thing I try to do when I am back at the computer.

I am not real familiar with recording, so had not heard of cue sheets, but after looking into it also found that in the help forum of audacity. They mentioned label2cue, which I assume is a similar software to the mp3tag you have mentioned.

It will be Wednesday till I am back at the computer to try this, Is there any tips or certain process that may make that easier to do? Not ever doing this and not seeing the software yet, I am not sure how complicated that will be, so any advice on that process would be appreciated.

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