Splitting Dj mix into seperate tracks

I can’t cut. It’s disabled. And I tried using the control+b method but I don’t have the option to export multiple. Also, if you screw up and put the track end at the wrong place, how do you move it? I downloaded version 1.2.5 for mac running osx. Is there a newer version with these options enabled? Koz, u out there? Anyone??

Have you got Audacity stuck in “Clean Speech” mode?

Check in “Edit menu > Preferences > Interface tab”.

There is also a later version of Audacity - 1.3.7 beta (it’s good).

Audacity 1.2.6 and 1.2.5 will both run under Mac OS-X, but 1.2.5 will run on an Intel machine and 1.2.6 will run on a PowerPC G-something.

If you changed the Audacity version, you also have to delete the Audacity preferences.

Trash Mac Audacity Preferences