Splitting albums recorded as one long track

I want to split a long 60 minute track (containing around 20 tunes) into separate tunes. I went to Edit / Clip Boundaries / Detach at silences, in order to get markers to split the tracks. However, once the markers are in place and I go to File / Export Multiple, it says “You have only one unmuted track and no applicable labels, so you cannot export to separate audio files.”

How can I split an album that’s recorded as one long track into separate tunes?

You can do it manually. Silent-Sense is always a recipe for frustration because vinyl records and actual tape recordings don’t have silence.

You can scan down the recording and put a label at the beginning of each song (including the first one). Then File > Export Multiple will break up the work according to the labels.


See: Tutorial 5 (scan down)


And I wrote a thing about zooming in and out so you can see your cue points easier. Audacity will start playing wherever you put the cursor and you can interrupt playback in real time by clicking inside the time band on top of the timeline. Audacity will not do anything from Pause. You have to be in Stop.

Screen View and Zooming.

— Screen Update:
For Recording, I set Audacity to continually update the screen even though it’s flipping instead of scrolling. During playback and editing, I switch updating off to keep my edit point view from flipping away from me by accident.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Update Display… (de-select for play).

— Time View:
You can manually scroll the work sooner and later by holding Shift and running the mouse scroll-wheel.

— Zoom:
I only use three Zooms:
Zoom into a drag-selected segment: Control-E.
Zoom Out a little bit because I screwed up and zoomed in too far: Control-3.
Zoom Out to the full show: Control-F.

There are pages of zoom options.