Split New Should Create Bellow Selected

Hi folks!

It’s my first interaction in Audacity’s Development Process, so if I could do better, let me know.

Issue: When you “Split New” a section, the new track is created at the bottom of the Track List.
Suggestion: Create the new Track right bellow the original track.

I think that this could enhance new user’s first impressions and save time for those who are using Audacity Professionally.

I made a PoC of this UX improvement (and I’ll be glad if I could submit a Pull Request). So now the “Split New” function creates the new track right bellow the Origin track, so user don’t get lost trying to find the new track in Track List.

Current Behavior

New Behavior: Split New Bellow

Thank You! I’m open to discussions.

Filipe Oliveira

I think this is a good idea.

It belongs to a family of things that create new tracks that we know might be improved similarly.

  1. recently we fixed Mix & Render to New Track so that it goes under the last selected track and Mix Aand Render replaces the last selected track

But …

  1. Duplicate adds tracks to the bottom

  2. Tracks > Add New > …
    adds tracks to the bottom

  3. Your Split New use case here adds the tracks at the bottom

There may be others …

There was some discussion as to whether ii should be the selection or the focus (yellow border) that controls the placement - for 2 and 4 use cases here Selection would seem to be the obvious choice - and thus for use case 3 for consistency I, personally would also opt for “based on selection”.


That’s true waxcylinder, in fact it’s not just the “Split New” use case that places new track at the bottom, “Duplicate” has that same behavior.

Do you think that the solution should “fix” both of this use cases “Split New”(4) and “Duplicate”(2)? Since they have an “original” track to copied/split from.

About the use case 3 I agree with you! I was editing some personal stuff yesterday. I create a new Track in order to copy a section from a focused track, but the new empty track was way down there at the bottom.

The small team of QA folks and our senior developer are now discussing this further.