split multiple wavs into clips and exporting them


I made this account in this forum because I have the following problem:

I want to split many wav files (arround 700 pcs) into smaller segments at 45 seconds and then export all those clips into wav again. I load some longer wav files into Audacity, add the regular interval labels and when I go to export multiple it only exports the first long wav file.
I googled a lot, but all the tutorials online are just for a single wav file.
Sorry for the maybe noobish question, but what am I doing wrong? Is there a checkbox I missed somewhere?

Thank you very much if you. an helpme here.

Export Multiple can export multiple files based on tracks (exporting one file per track) OR based on labels (one file per label). It cannot do both at the same time.

Do you really need to do all 700 files? How about just doing say 10 of them?

yes, I want to move all my files from one hardware sampler to a different sampling maschine, but unfortunately the other sampler has a limited space for samples (600 seconds) which would immediately be used if I dont split the larger samples/wavs, before:(

I’m not sure that I understand. 700 files split into 45 second sections will total much more than 600 seconds. :confused: Are you just wanting the first 45 seconds of each file?

oh, sorry if this was unclear.
I want to split many files into 45sec long segments.

So lets say, I have a .wav file which is 3:00 minutes long.
I want to split it into 4 files with a lenght of 45 seconds of each smaller segment.
The first segment is the first part of the longer sample, going from 0 seconds - 45 seconds, the second segment from 45 seconds to 1:30 min and so on…

Audacity already does that without problems, but the problem is when I load multiple longer files into Audacity, because it only exports the clips from the first longer .wav file…

Thank you for your help so far!

I would suggest that, as you only need a few at a time, you split them as and when you need them, rather than spending a lot of time doing them all at once.

well…no, the other option would be to save the splitted samples manually, but thank you very much for your answers so far :slight_smile: