split microphone input to separate monotracks simultaneously

I wish to record voice to two separate mono tracks, through 2 microphones with split input (each one attached to one side of a stereo mike input). Each track has to contain the input from each of the microphones and the recording has to done at the same time.

I wish to record two persons reading lines from a dialogue onto each separate track, then isolate the tracks so that each person can play the one of the tracks and say their lines in the resulting gaps.

Can I do this with audacity?

dont know if this will help but seee the response of alathan on the bottom of the page from this similar question posted a while back


i might be misinterpreting what you are trying to do (sounds like you want to help someone learn their lines for a play or something) but if you can only manage to record to a single track you may be able to get around the problem by recording both voices to the one track. After youve done this make a copy of the track and paste it below the original (make sure that they line up properly). assuming that the two voices are not talking over each other then on track one (original) remove the lines by “person 1” using the silence function (dont use delete or you will loose the gap needed for the other person to say their lines). Do the same on track two (the copied track) but remove the lines by “person 2” instead.

you should now have the two tracks where each of the people can say their lines in the resulting gaps.

the only problem with this is that if the dialog goes for an hour it may take you some time to delete the necessary parts.

good luck i hope you find a way

Thanks for the tip on the silence function. I had tried this proceedure using the delete then inserting silence but it was really tedious. You don’t know of any other software thet might allow me to so this: that is slpit the stereo intput so that each mike is recorded to a separate mono track?