split large audio file into 2

From the outset I must apologize and tell you my frustration is really high . I have been working on this for 2 days . I have a large audio file that I wanted to split into 2 . Then I wanted to split the audio tracks from each . I have read until I am nearly blind , but , am running around in circles. I have the file in audacity . I have not been able to split the tracks from the file , and , instructions and searching have only confused me further. I can see the file , and play the file , and can see the gaps in audio , but cannot seem to go further . I really would like some help , live or point to an answer . It probably is me , but I don’t like to give up. Thanks in advance . :question:

How large? 13 hours?
Which Audacity and Which Windows, the exact numbers?

Stereo show?

Place a label at the half-way point.


Drag-select to the left. File > Exported Selected.

Repeat with the right. Poof. Two sound files with the dividing point wherever you placed the label.


Sorry . Windows 10 . version 2.1.2 . It is a 2 hour audio only file . The link was what I had read earlier , but cannot find of any help. The label I have done , and started me in a new direction , but any export I do has the entire 2 hours in it. Additionally , I need to split the audio into tracks , which is also escaping me . This is new to me , and what can I say ? I am stuck .

We do not need to ask that for new users. Look under the username. :wink:


If you drag-selected from the label to the start of the track, do File > Export Selected Audio… (as Koz said). Then drag select from the label to the end of the track, and do File > Export Selected Audio… .

Does this file say “Stereo” in Audacity when you import it? Do you mean you want to separate the left and right channels of that stereo audio, and export the first and last half of each channel separately, giving you four files in total?

If so, before you do the drag-selections and exports, click in the name of the track (as shown by the red rectangle below):

and choose “Split Stereo Track”. Then:

Drag-select label to start in the left channel, File > Export Selected Audio… .
Drag-select label to end in the left channel, File > Export Selected Audio… .
Drag-select label to start in the right channel, File > Export Selected Audio… .
Drag-select label to end in the right channel, File > Export Selected Audio… .

The exported files will be mono, and play on both speakers of a stereo system.


No . I do not want to split the stereo track , I need to separate the music at the " dead spots " so I can separate the individual songs . Sorry if I have not made myself clear . I will try again .

After a LOT of tries , I finally managed to separate the file into 2 parts . Now , I need to isolate the individual tracks at the " dead " spots . I don’t want to lose what I have so I will leave the program running . I assume that something will appear at these spots to show me , then , I can export this .

If you split as per the songs or sections in the track, you will end up with more than two files. That is what is confusing everyone.

If the two files split at the half way point are a separate operation, do that first.

Then delete the label that is at the half way point (right-click in the label, Delete).

Then either place the new labels by hand or try using Silence Finder to find and label at the dead spots.

Then File > Export Multiple… to export a file for each song or section.


Do you get the gray selection indication over half the blue waves when you drag-select? You will always get the whole two hours no matter what you drag-select if you File > Export Audio. You need to File > Export Selected Audio.

After you get the two one-hour segments exported, close Audacity. Open one of the newly exported shows, place a label at the front of each song (in the dead spot). Then File > Export Multiple (another of the export variations). That will give you a pile of audio files broken up at the label points. Don’t forget to label the first song.

The dead spots between songs look like flat spots in the blue waves. You can zoom into the waves to find them accurately and place the label.

I only ever use a few zoom tools although there are many.

Zoom (Windows)
– Drag-select something on the timeline and zoom into it. Control-E
– Zoom out a little bit. Control-3
– Zoom out full. Control-F

– Shift-ScrollWheel will shift the timeline view left and right (sooner and later).

Change the timeline so it doesn’t shift by itself:
– Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Update display while playing. (de-select)
…Note: Update Display is good during recording.

There is a general tutorial about copying music to CD.



I must admit that I am overwhelmed . I have made some progress , but , need to do more . I am going away for a few days and will try to digest more of this after I get back . Thanks to all those that have helped thus far . Thanks for your patience . [ I’ll be back ! ]

You have to be very clear where you get stuck so we can tailor the instructions. “I’m overwhelmed” doesn’t tell us enough. We go for general overviews unless somebody stops us.


No problem , like I said it was a lot for ME to digest . I find that the program has so many features I had trouble figuring out to find what I needed . I was by no means complaining , as I appreciate the help. I initially provided too few details. Live and learn . Thanks again , and , I’ll be back in a few days.

It occurred to me reading over that again, we were telling you to do the same thing two different ways.

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