Splicing with Red Ribbons

I want to keep the beginning and end of a song that’s longer in time than the video. It was suggested by someone that you can grab “two red ribbons” and remove some of the middle of the song and then splice what’s left together using these red ribbons.

Could anyone please share the steps in that process?

Thank you.

I have no idea what that means…

In general, cutting-out part of a song and getting a result that still sounds good is tricky business.

I suggest you make a copy of track and cut-off the end of one copy and the beginning of the other (leaving out whatever you decide to chop-out from both copies). Then join them back together with a [u]crossfade[/u]. Depending on how those two halves blend together, you may want a crossfade of a few milliseconds or maybe one second or more.

Of course since the two “halves” will overlap with a crossfade, the joined halves will be shorter than the sum of the playing times.

DVD Doug,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and that link.

I’ll play with that.