Splicing two tracks


I have to splice these two tracks as an assignment on my basic music editing class. I have tried DC normalization and cutting the tracks at zero intersection but I still can’t get rid of the click. Any advice?

Track 1:

Track ":

Cross-fade … http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Fades

The first track has a Little crackling at the end that must be damped or removed (the two Stereo channels do not stop at the same time).
Use the zoom tool to allocate the clicks and the envelope tool to bring them down.
Or simply remove them (if they are selected) with delete. Use the z-key again to find a suitable zero-crossing.
If you have aligned the track 1 with 0 (Tracks > Align Tracks >Align with Zero) then the cut Point will be at about 01 m 19 s 635 ms.
You can slightly overlap the two tracks and do a cross fade for a nicer result.

Or the envelope tool.



I wonder if the clips were intentionally damaged to see how you would handle it. I once made it past an impossible engineering test by being able to explain in detail what was wrong with the question.


The tracks were in fact intentionally damaged and turns out I wasn’t really allowed to use any effects in audacity but do the editing by hand (the teacher is really hardcore :wink: ), but I managed to get it done. Thanks for your help guys :smiley: !