splicing multitrack files together

I am using a Mackie DL32R to record my band. It produces a 32 track .wav file. But, if we record for 3 hours, it produces a number of .wav files (the max file size is about 1.8Gb, so the Mackie will produce many .wav files in one recording session, each .wav file has 32 tracks. Is there a way to copy all of song2.wav and have it append to song1.wav? I’ve watched a few YT tutorials and read the Audacity mamual - but either I’m thick (very likely) or I have not found the correct tutorial or section in the manual.


Generally I would recommend that you avoid working with the whole 3 hours in one go. Even with a fast computer and a very large solid state drive, handling hundreds of GB of data is very demanding on the computer and you are likely to find that editing becomes frustratingly sluggish.

When it is unavoidable, you can splice together two sets of 32 tracks in the following way. I’m assuming that each of the 32 tracks in each “set” is exactly the same length as the other 31 tracks.

  1. Import the first 32 channel file
  2. Import the second 32 channel file
  3. Use the up/down cursor keys to move from track to track and use the “Enter” key to toggle whether the track is selected or not.
    Select all of the second set of tracks.
  4. Press the “J” key to move the cursor to the start of the tracks
  5. “Shift + K” to select to the end of the tracks
  6. “Ctrl + X” to cut the selected audio (makes a copy to the clipboard)
  7. “Tracks menu > Remove Tracks”
  8. “Ctrl + A” to select All (selects the remaining 32 tracks)
  9. “K” key to move the cursor to the end of the tracks
  10. “Ctrl + V” to paste the tracks from the clipboard to the end of the selected tracks.

Note that the maximum size for a normal WAV file is 4 GB (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAV#Limitations)

Thanks! That worked.