SPL Measurements, very simple

I did a bit of pick & choose with the style of the code, keeping some clumsy stuff and streamlining the rest. Put a link on my site for the world to try it-

It’s the sixth item down.

Thanks for all the help. All comments, critical or otherwise, happily accepted!

BTW, it’s only once or twice a year I have to measure noise levels, but I’ve been using this for some days now and it’s a huge timesaver.


You’re very welcome.

Just one point re. the web page:

Unzip the plug-in and copy it to your AppData folder for Audacity plug-ins. This would typically be “Local Disk (C:) > Users > {username} > AppData > Roaming > audacity > Plug-Ins”.

An easy way to do that, which doesn’t require looking for a folder that Windows hides by default, and work for Windows, macOS and Linux, is to use the “Nyquist Plug-in Installer”: Nyquist Plugin Installer - Audacity Manual

Thanks! I’ll update that because automatic beats manual every time, unless we’re talking cars.