Spent almost 2 hours recording and it disappeared

I was about to save it and it was gone. not a project just an export to mp3 I won’t be able to record it again.

:frowning: Computers are the least reliable things we own… And with audio recording there are LOTS of settings that can get fouled-up.

And you often don’t know there was a problem until the next day. :frowning: (In the analog days, with a 3-head reel-to-reel recorder you could monitor what was just-recorded a fraction of a second ago.)

You should at-least export as WAV immediately after recording, whether you save an Audacity project file or not. And if it’s an important recording, make back-ups just as you would (or should) with any important file. (WAV files are simpler and more robust than project files.)

Solid state recorders or all-in-one “Portastudios” tend to be more reliable than computers but they aren’t foolproof either.

If you have a studio (or home studio) it helps to have a dedicated computer that doesn’t get messed-with.

And if you are recording something super-critical and there’s no possibility of “take-2”, it’s best to have two computers (or two whatever) recording in parallel.

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