speeding up

I am running Windows Vista 32 bit. 2.5 gig RAM and 2.2 AMD Turion.

When playing back a recording, after about 15 sec, it starts to speed up and continues to. I closed everything I could think of, but I have a lot of power with this machine, so I am thinking it is not that. Could it be drivers??

Speeding up is almost always recording slow. You slow down a movie camera to produce a fast-action movie in the theater.

You get to tell us everything about the recording. What’s the model number of your turntable and how do you have it connected to your laptop?

This kind of error usually does one thing wrong and keeps doing it, so you do have an odd problem. When you say it keeps doing it, do you mean it keeps getting faster and faster and faster, or it gets fast and stays at that one fast speed for the rest of the song?


I am recording vocals and guitar with a Samson usb mic. Speeded up to a crtain point, then remained there to the end

So you are laying down vocals while listening to the guitar track you already recorded? That needs sample rates to match in all Audacity tracks and devices, and good drivers for the inbuilt sound device.

If so, try these links:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_recording_troubleshooting.html#sync .

http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Updating_Sound_Device_Drivers .


Are you overdubbing, performing Sound-On-Sound? That’s very different from sitting in front of a Samson microphone cold and doing a single song with your voice an a guitar. Overdubbing, progressively adding more and more tracks, puts serous stresses on the computer and sound system.

Which microphone? Samson makes quite a few of them.


Not sure which samson. I am not dubbing, vocals and guitar together. I noticed it was set for mono, so I changed to stereo. Haven’t tried it yet.

It may not work in Stereo. Many USB microphones don’t. Koz

Actually, that seems to have remedied the problem. Just tried it and works fine now.

when saving to MP3, it saves as mono

What do the tracks in Audacity say - mono or stereo?

If you are exporting two or more mono tracks, use the L…R sliders on each track to pan them in the stereo field, then they will be mixed to stereo.