speeding up and slowing down a wav


I have a battery driven father xmas, which I need to go slow then slow down then die. If I record the toy using dieing batteries, it distorts a bit then stops. So I need to create the right crazy distorted sound. Apparently there is a great plugin to do this does anyone know of it.



Where did you hear of this?


What’s wrong with just recording the toy with dying batteries?

Audacity 1.3.9 has an effect called “Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift”. You might have to apply it several times to get the effect you want.

As for the distortion, after you’ve got the speed slow-down the way you want it, you want to introduce clipping distortion near the end to simulate the dying batteries’ effect on the sound. Make a copy of the track with the slowed-down sound and amplify it past the clipping point. Then use the envelope tool on that second track to eliminate the clipped version until near the end, then ramp up the envelope to introduce more of the clipped sound into the mix. Experiment until you get the effect you want.

That’s my off-the-cuff idea, anyway.

– Bill

Probably “turntablewarp-ms.ny” available from http://audacityteam.org/download/nyquistplugins
(note, the other “Turntable Warping” plug-in is virtually the same, but mono only, whereas this one is mono or stereo).