Speed of recording

Hello - my computer is playing saved songs too fast - for example Barry White sounds like Marvin Gay and when I listen to videos posted to Face book they sounds like someone on helium! What could be wrong? I thank you for your help.

It’s probably recording or creating them too slow. Slow computers drop bits here and there, not enough to cause a fiery crash, but enough to cause a speed change – always up.



Any number of computer problems can cause this. Drive defragmentation, too many programs open, Full Recycle Bin, Virus Protection, lurking Skype, etc. etc.

What’s the show and where is it coming from?


They are songs that I download with http://www.music-oasis.com/download/Audio/Music-Oasis?a=2635&f=musicoasis or http://www.one-stop-shoppe.com/farmtown-one-stop-shoppe-main-group/ - the music is too fast( but wasn’t before and this video is one example! Thanks

It wasn’t before… what?

Oh, it sounded OK when they were on-line.

You may have sound formats that Audacity doesn’t recognize. Install the FFMpeg software and that problem may go away.