Speed of applying the effects

What determines the speed of applying the effects? like noise reduction.

For low complexity “fast” effects such as Amplify, Normalize, Fade In, Fade Out,… the limiting factor is likely to be I/O speed - how fast the computer can read data from the drive, and how fast it can write the processed data back.

For high complexity “slow” effects, such as “Sliding Stretch” and “PaulStretch”, the limiting factor is likely to be CPU speed.

I am asking because my CPU is barely used… and I think how to make it faster :slight_smile:


Maybe problems is with using all cores?

Processor number 16 is running at 96%.

Future versions of Audacity are planned to support real-time processing, which I’m guessing may use one processor per track for as many CPU cores are available, but currently effects run in a single thread on a single CPU core.

Ok all clear now, thx.