Speed Issue

I love this program…I spent hundreds on Pro Tools and was overwhelmed…Audacity does all I ever wanted and I don’t have to be an engineer to make it work.

Here’s my problem: When I import an audio file (mp3) into a new track and try to copy and paste part of it into another track, the speed of the inserted portion changes…sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks…this forum is a great resource for new guys like me.

You are copying audio data that is at one sample rate and pasting it into a track that is set at a different sample rate, thus forcing the pasted audio to play at the wrong speed.
Keep the audio clips in there own tracks. Use the “Time Shift” tool (looks like a double headed arrow) to slide the audio clips left/right along the time line.

There is no need to put all the audio in one track. Audacity will mix the tracks together when you Export your finished audio.

Thanks, Steve…very helpful.