Speed audio to fit within 15 seconds

Trying to make a 15 sec Instagram video with audio, I need to use let’s say 20 seconds of audio. How can I speed it up and make it total time of 15?

There are a number of options depending on what result you hope to achieve. See these parts of the manual:


If you just speed it up, it’s going to sound like Donald Duck. If you do a simple Change Speed without the pitch, it’s going to sound like an insurance commercial. VoidWhereProhibitedConsultYourLocalListingsYourMileageMayVary.


Thanks I’ll check this links out.

I know lol, that’s why I’m not trying to fit 1 minute into 15 secs, just a little over.

Fractional percent errors in playback speed are audible, particularly if they’re moving like an unstable turntable. Cramming 30 seconds into a 15 second hole may cause the pitches to go up an octave. It will drive somebody with Perfect Pitch nuts.